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Village Maternity MD believes that having a baby should be a joyful, safe, and uncomplicated experience. They deliver all babies at Metropolitan Hospital, which has one of the lowest cesarean rates of any hospital in New York City.


  • Virtual tours of their Greenwich Village office and their maternity care services
  • Online scheduling for appointments
  • 24/7 phone access to your care team
  • A medical exam performed by one of their OBGYNs during your first or second appointment to ensure that both you and your baby are healthy enough for midwifery care and a natural birth


Visit the Village Maternity MD website.




The Health Fund created the 32BJ Maternity Program to provide all expectant parents who live in New York and New Jersey with excellent care for themselves and their babies and a $0 copay for the hospital delivery.

You must sign up for the 32BJ Maternity Program before your 32nd week of pregnancy.