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Find My Benefits

Find My Benefits

Use The What Are My Benefits* tool to find the most up-to-date information about your 32BJ benefits and to Find-A-Doctor. Once you have answered the questions in What Are My Benefits a Benefits Summary Page will display a listing of your current benefits.

*Answer all of the questions as accurately as possible for best results. For additional information or questions about your benefits, call Member Services at: 800-551-3225.


Find My Benefits     Find A Doctor




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Union Health CenterUnion Health Center - Your partner for a healthy lifestyle

UHC is 32BJ's Flagship Star Center. UHC is an innovative primary and multi-specialty health center that provides comprehensive patient-centered care in a friendly open environment.
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For a Healthy Life – learn more  

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Health Tips

Check out some essential Health News and Tips from your 5 Star Center!
  See What our 5 Star Center Representatives have to Say...
  Manage your Stress...

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Use the Find-A-Doctor tool to locate doctors, specialists and in-network providers and facilities near you.

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