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32BJ Partners

What are 32BJ Partners?

32BJ’s Health Fund is constantly looking for new ways to support our members to achieve their health goals. In order to make sure that our members always have access to the care that they need, we are working closely with several providers who offer cutting edge, quality care to 32BJ members and their families. We call these providers 32BJ Partners.



32BJ Joint Replacement Program

Mount Sinai brings its expertise and high quality care to 32BJ members who need either a total hip and knee replacement. Receive your care at one of the Mount Sinai Health Systems hospitals and receive a long list of benefits that you’ll get nowhere else:

  • Mount Sinai's highly capable physicians are skilled in the most current surgical technologies and have committed to work with the 32BJ Health Fund to provide you with the highest quality care.
  • Members who choose a hospital in the Mount Sinai Health System will have no out of pocket costs during their surgery or for all related services, such as follow-up visits with your doctor and physical therapy, for up to 30 days following discharge from the hospital.
  • To further enhance your experience, members who choose a Mount Sinai Health System hospital will have access to the 32BJ Total Joint Replacement Program, which includes benefits not usually available such as a 32BJ Health Fund representative to guide you through the process, assistance with transportation, or help once you return home.
  • For more information visit the Mount Sinai website.

Gender Affirmation Program

Mount Sinai’s comprehensive gender affirmation program brings both expertise and a multi-disciplinary approach to 32BJ members seeking care in New York City.

  • 32BJ members can gain access to the Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery, providing compassionate and comprehensive health care services for the transgender community
  • Surgeries performed by national experts include vaginoplasty and phalloplasty
  • Mount Sinai’s expert surgeons collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team including primary care, transition care and behavioral health specialists
  • Comprehensive, patient-centered care is provided to 32BJ members as an in-network benefit without the worry of out of network expenses for gender affirmation surgery (subject to the usual co-payments for hospital and medical services)
  • For more information visit the Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery website.


When you need to have lab work done, you can avoid the $75 outpatient hospital co-payment by using 32BJ Partners such as Quest or LabCorp, where you will have $0 copay for lab services. 32BJs lab partner in New York and Connecticut is Quest Diagnostics. 32BJs lab partner in all other locations is Labcorp.

YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program

The YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program helps those at high risk of developing the disease make lifestyle changes. The program focuses on healthy eating, increased physical activity, and maintaining a healthy weight. Participants meet in a classroom setting as a group with a trained YMCA lifestyle coach for 16 core sessions to learn and practice lifestyle skills. During the sessions they learn how to make healthier food choices, how to incorporate more physical activity into their daily routine and how to manage a healthy weight. 32BJ members who are Union Health Center patients and are at risk of developing diabetes can participate in this program free of charge.

City MD

City MD offers Urgent Care that is fast, comprehensive, and professional health care to get you feeling better as soon as possible. Whether you’re suffering from seasonal allergies, a sprained ankle or a cut that may need stitches, we can help you feel better faster. The next time you need to see a doctor and don’t want to wait, just walk right in to CityMD. Pay your office copay instead of $100 when you go to the ER.

Village Maternity

Village Maternity provides 32BJ members and their families a new maternity option. Village Maternity is a concierge, midwifery practice. Through a special collaboration with 32BJ, Village Maternity is available to you with no out of pocket costs.

Village Maternity provides safe, mother and baby centered care designed to meet your needs and goals for the delivery of your child. Village Maternity offers a unique collaboration of a true midwifery care model with maternal-fetal specialists available when needed. Their goal is to provide you and your family a safe, uncomplicated and supported pregnancy and birth. Village Maternity offers the following services:

  1. Maternity care including prenatal and postpartum care
  2. 24-7 phone access to your provider
  3. Evening & weekend office hours

Link to Village Maternity.

Chelsea Diagnostics

Chelsea Diagnostic Radiology provides a wide range of comprehensive diagnostic imaging services in a private practice setting with no copay for 32BJ members when they have a referral from a 5 Star Center. Services include Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Angiography, Computed Tomography, Mammography, Ultrasonography, Bone Densitometry (DEXA) and X-Ray.