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*Answer all of the questions as accurately as possible for best results. For additional information or questions about your benefits, call Member Services at 800-551-3225.

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5 Star Centers

5 Star Centers are private doctor’s offices that partner with 32BJ to provide quality care to our members all for $0 co-pays. The 32BJ Health Fund covers the cost of our members’ co-pays at 5 Star Centers because their team based approach to care is proven to have positive results. Members who receive their care at a 5 Star Center have:

  • Better health outcomes.
  • Preventive care to help them stay healthy.
  • Fewer emergency room and hospital visits. 
  • Personalized care to meet their individual needs. 
  • And overall, spend less on health care.

To be designated a 5 Star Center, a practice must meet high standards established by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). In addition, most 5 Star Centers provide services we know are important to our members, such as extended hours, multi-lingual staff, electronic health records and much more.


Mariel Vargas

It makes my day when a memeber advises me that they love their new Doctor at the 5star center and that they are healthier because of it

5 Star Center Reps

The 32BJ Health Fund works closely with 5 Star Centers to make sure each of our members' health care needs are met. That's why we have a team of 5 Star Center Reps, who work very closely with their assigned 5 Star Center, to make sure you get the help you need. Additionally, 5 Star Center Reps can:

  • Help you locate a convenient 5 Star Center.
  • Identify a doctor at a 5 Star Center who meets your individual health needs.
  • Assist with scheduling appointments.
  • Answer any questions you may have about 5 Star Centers. 
  • Answer questions about the 5 Star Wellness program (and see if you may qualify)

The 5 Star Center Reps are here for you! For more information, or to speak with a 5 Star Center Rep, please call 877-299-1636 or email us

*Excludes co-pay for high-tech radiology services.