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32BJ Partners

What are 32BJ Partners?

The 32BJ Health Fund partners with some of the best doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals to make sure that 32BJ members and families have easy access to top-notch specialized care—including joint replacement and weight loss (bariatric) surgery; cancer care; gender affirmation services; and maternity care—when you need it. 



Mount Sinai

32BJ Health Fund Centers of Excellence (COE) for Joint Replacement and Weight Loss (Bariatric) Surgery

Through our collaboration with Mount Sinai in New York, we've partnered with other specialty hospitals—in New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania—to establish the 32BJ Health Fund Centers of Excellence (COE), where you have a $0 copay for joint replacement and bariatric surgery and get expert, personalized care before, during and after surgery.

If you live within 50 miles of a COE, you must have your surgery performed by a COE doctor at the COE hospital of your choice. Otherwise, the surgery will not be covered, and you will be responsible for the entire cost.


Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK)

Through the MSK Direct program, MSK helps 32BJ members get the cancer care and support they need.

Mount Sinai

Gender Affirmation Program

Mount Sinai’s comprehensive gender affirmation program brings both expertise and a multi-disciplinary approach to 32BJ members seeking care in New York City.

Village Maternity

Village Maternity MD

As part of the 32BJ Maternity Program, the midwives and other maternity professionals at Village Maternity MD provide expectant parents with complete care before, during, and after birth.



As part of the 32BJ Maternity Program, Oula’s midwives and other maternity professionals provide complete care before, during, and after birth.